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Level 7

Dont do it! I wasted 2000.00 dollars that i didnt have on this asus strix g6 laptop. Armoury crate is riddled with problems and it screws up all the settings that were set in game and will change intermittently. i can open my game, play with half way decent performance, close it, take a poo break and open it back up and its horrible, stuttering, freezes and the image quality that resembles games i played on my SEGA 20 or so years ago. Its a crap shoot on how its going to perform everytime i hit the power button. hot keys may work this time, maybe the wont. its now been only 6 months from purchase and my gpu fan decided it didnt like its blades and threw them all in the cooling fins. why? i have no idea. warranty would not send a fan but wanted me to box it up and ship it to some repair center that wasnt even ASUS, 3rd party and could take weeks for a fan replacement that takes about 5 mins to perform.  ive never before done a post on a forum or blog before and never have i took time out my life to write a review or whatever, but this junk of a laptop has compelled me to in hopes of preventing someone of making my mistake and buying a asus gamer.  theres not enough space for me to list the problems i have with this pile of chit that i wasted my hard earned money on... and to make matters worst, i had to starve for 2 weeks eating cans of corn for supper because i spent my rent money on this junker laptop. the screen is fading on the left side, the power connector cannot be touched, moved or looked at without it disconnecting. i cant even use it on my lap , the slightest movement and it says power cable unplugged and goes in and out of slow mode "battery saver" i hate it. its only 6 months old and have taken very good care of it, 2 thousand dollar laptop purchase to others is no biggie, but it was like i bought a new house and treated it like fragile glass...  i have to live with the fact that i bought a pile of chit. There are many other problems to list but im not putting anymore effort in anything that has to do with asus.  every  day i want to throw it on the floor and do burnouts on it with my wheelchair. thanks asus for taking the only thing i have to do, gaming.  being confined to my wheelchair living off of disability doesnt offer much of an outdoorsy type of lifestyle. so i play games and basically do everything on my laptop. theres no way this things gonna last. trying to save for a replacement fan off amazon so i can game again. for now, its youtubing and such on the intel gpu, nvidia gpu cannot be used without its fan and since i cant buy something different like a msi, im stuck . thanks asus 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @asusisgarbage ,

I'm sorry to hear about your user experience. Based on your description, your product is still within the warranty period, and we provide warranty repair services for non-man-made damages. To avoid accidental damage to other components during the self-replacement of the fan, we recommend that you do not purchase parts on your own and instead, send the laptop to the local service center for further inspection. 
Could you please provide your product serial number and your location through private message? Additionally, it would be helpful if you could let us know the specific issues you have encountered during usage, so I can further assist you. Thank you.