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random USB connect and discount noise on FX507Z TUF 15 laptop when loading video games

Level 7

I am getting random usb connect noises on my laptop and Nvidia notifications come on the bottom right. If I leave the gpu on auto select then it makes the noise. But if i switch from auto select to optimus then the noises are gone. Done anyone else have this problem?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @dsundlas ,


We would like to confirm more usage scenarios to understand your issue better. Could you please provide the following information and record a video to further verify the situation you described? Thank you for your cooperation.


  • BIOS version:
  • Display driver version:
  • Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
  • Are there any external monitors or other devices connected?

  • BIOS version:625
  • Display driver version:551.86
  • Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)    22631
  • Are there any external monitors or other devices connected? no other monitors or devices

 first ring sounds like nvidia then second sounds like a usb noise, and this happens randomly on game load or exit sometimes too

also apperantly that second sound comes from nvidia, because when i installed the new intel driver, it made that noise connect disconnect noise and also the issuse persist on the new intel drivers.

looks like its conflicted and switching between Optimus and NVIDIA gpu only which create the sounds, is this normal or i have defective system?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @dsundlas ,
I'd like to confirm whether your BIOS version has been updated to the latest version 323 and if you have tested it with the NVIDIA Graphic Driver Version V31.0.15.3645 and Intel Graphic driver Version V31.0.101.4502 verified by ASUS. Thank you.

I used the suggested drivers and now i get a nvidia container issuse that says cannot change display mode. after the first alert.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @dsundlas ,

Please set DDS2.0 to Optimus or NVIDIA GPU only in the NVIDIA Control Panel (if automatic selection is chosen, relevant notifications will appear). 

This information is provided for your reference. Thank you.