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Question about my Rog laptop

Level 7

Hello guys! Last year I bought a rog laptop "G713IE-HX004". Everything was great until a couple of days ago when I tried to play a game (dota 2) when I realised that my laptop temperatures (CPU and GPU) were high.

To be honest i keep my laptop on silent mode, i get enough fps and i dont mind it. I keep the laptop almost all the time on my desk, and i use it from time to time for web browsing and once a week maybe, a dota 2 game.

Do I need to change the CPU and GPU thermal paste? and if so, what kind of thermal paste I need to use?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @zanderc9 ,

Based on your description, We suggest trying to adjust the fan mode in Armoury Crate to turbo mode to see if there is any improvement. Using the appropriate fan mode for different software/performance settings can help reduce the internal temperature of your laptop. 
To ensure your warranty rights, we do not recommend replacing thermal paste by yourself. You can refer to this link for further instructions on troubleshooting. If you need to replace the thermal paste, we recommend seeking further assistance from your local service team. Thank you.