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Quantum dot or QLED gaming laptops?

Level 7

Hello. I was impressed with the QLED monitor and was wondering why there are no gaming laptops with such displays? Quantum dot displays are different from older IPS displays and use blue backlight along with green and red quantum dots to produce vivid colors. Reds look especially rich when compared to regular displays where they look orange brown since white phosphor backlights have trouble reproducing full color gamut. QLED is also considerably brighter which results in better contrast but consumes less power. They do not have burn-in issue like OLED displays. So I don't understand why they are not yet so popular as IPS or OLED displays.

I'm aware of only a few Samsung laptops that use QLED technology but these are not gaming laptops and use only slow 60hz refresh rate displays, also I prefer a 17.3" bezel less screen . I read that Alienware M17 also started using quantum dot display technology although it is QD-OLED and a pretty expensive laptop. I like OLED displays but because of the burn in and dead pixel problem I rather have them only on phones. Coming MicroLED displays are amazing but there are new quantum dot displays in development that have individually lit pixels that could make other displays obsolete.


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