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Problems with external monitor Zephyrus G15 GA503RS

Level 7


I have a problem.Just bought a notebook, the external monitor is connected via HDMI cabel, cabel is fine and mointor as well. Sometimes I'm getting artifacts on this(some small rainbow lines), it goes dark for a 1-2 seconds and then image appears again, when I pull out the HDMI and put it back problem disappears... till the next restart of the computer the graphic card inside of the laptop is 3080 with 536.99(latest for this date driver) the monitor in 4K as well, refresh rate is 60Hz. Temperature of graphic card is fine 50 degress, processor is 62.  All the drivers are installed. I have reinstalled my Windows 4 times, and it's still the same, idk what to do... I have Windows 11-Pro 64bit. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @puppydytt ,


Do you mind confirming if your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 313? 
Could you please assist in installing the ASUS-certified version V31.0.15.1691 of the NVIDIA Graphic Driver to see if it can potentially resolve this issue? 
If the problem persists, would you be able to capture a photo of the abnormal screen for us to further investigate? Thank you.

You can download the driver V31.0.15.1691 from here.

I have bios 313, alo I've  installed this driver whic you sent me and it's still the samephoto_5424672419769078027_y.jpg

this is BIOS, and the video witht he problem

I will attach videos on IMGUR




Where you can see behaviour directly...

Customer Service Agent

Hi @puppydytt ,


Thank you for providing the video. I'd like to confirm if this issue only occurs with a specific game? Do you encounter this in other software usage as well?

Additionally, have you tried using different HDMI/DP cables to test? From your video, I noticed that the screen reinitializes the HDMI signal after it goes black. Would you be willing to perform a cross-test if possible? Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Hello. No, it occurs everywhere even if the applications are not started on the laptop, but after plug out and plug in back of the HDMI it dissapears.... I've tried to reproduce it with the monitor which was connected to usb-c port, and It seems that I can't observe this problem. But with direct HDMI connetion to the laptop it's doing this wierd stufff...

Customer Service Agent

Hi @puppydytt ,


Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you