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Problem with WiFi adapter on my Asus TUF A15

Level 7

I've had this laptop for approx 3 years , kept it quite well maintained both hardware and software vise. But for the past 8 months i am having this problem with my wifi adapter, I've tried hundreds of fixes , NOTHING WORKED. The wifi adapter works flawlessly,excellent speed and no fluctuations at all....UNTIL i plug my laptop to AC and play games. As soon as i launch ANY game while plugged in, after roughly 5 mins , the wifi adapter goes missing. Tried updating drivers, reinstalling them, checked out every power management box that could be the problem, tried every CMD command , nothing works. The only way to get my adapter back is to shutdown my laptop and then power it on again and mind you ....this has to done while on battery , if i restart while plugged in ...the adapter still won't show up.

The first 2 years i had no such wifi adapter problems. I personally believe it has something to do with the GPU power consumption because this problem only occurs when i play video games. If the laptop is just plugged in and I'm not playing any games , just doing normal stuff , the wifi never goes away.

PLEASE, tell me what to do, it's getting frustrating, i can't play any online games anymore.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @seiji9 ,


I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
I would like to gather more information to clarify the current situation you are facing.
Could you please provide me with the following details: your current BIOS version, network driver versions (Realtek Wireless LAN Driver and Wireless radio control driver), and dGPU driver version?
Based on your description, you mentioned experiencing Wi-Fi issues when playing games while connected to a power source. Could you confirm if the Wi-Fi connection is completely lost, and does the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right corner of the screen disappear?
Would it be possible for you to assist us by recording a video demonstrating the issue so that we can further investigate? 
Thank you for your cooperation