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Primary screen crracked | Trying to get into BIOS on secondary screen.

Level 7

Good evening Akash here, so 3 days back I was cleaning my Asus ROG gaming notebook when I forgot to unplug battery from motherboard  & I tried to unplug the display cable from mother. I unplugged it without any problem but when I went for re-plug I saw a little spark on my motherboard & after that my primary screen never had any lights :). Fast forward to today I have new LG monitor connected with HDMI cable.
Everything is fine but a very crucial thing is still out of order i.e. I can't see boot process or I can't get into BIOS.
Any suggestions on how to enable this.

Note: I have de-attached my primary screen from my laptop, even the display cable from motherboard is not connected anymore.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @akashuniyal ,

For ensuring product stability and safety, we recommend to send the product to local service center for further hardware inspection. Thank you.