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Poor Performance in Rog Strix G614JV

Level 7


I bought my device on aug 21th and joined the ROG family PROUDLY with these specs:

I7 13650HX

RTX 4060 8GB

16GB DDR5 4800MHZ

2x512GB SSD M.2 Gen4x3

FHD 165Hz display;

But I've been dealing with some issues that are concerning me, here are the issues and please if you could explain, you'd be saving lives;

1- it takes 6 minutes to launch the CS:GO game officially obtained from steam app, sometimes it gives this error that say's: Failure/App running, This aside, The other issue is that it gets really hot in CS:GO on the lowest settings possible, like, 80°C to 85°C, i think that it'll cause me issues in other games like GTA:V or any recent released game.


2- sometimes during doing a semi-heavy task such as opening Nvidia experience app or anything like it, the system hangs, like I can't click on any app nor right click, i can only push the windows button to reboot the system!


3- my laptop gets hot while watching videos on YouTube,it goes from 46°C to 60°C and the fans are working soundlessly.


4- i don't know how to switch to plugged in usage only or something like it to just use it as a device dedicated to the house, i don't want to ruin the battery or something, help me with this.


5- at which evel temperature should i be really worried about the health of my laptop to take serious actions such as shutting it down and unplug it.


By the way, is it bad to shut down the device and unplug it overnight?


Thanks for reading me patiently, this is my first PC/Laptop ever in my life since 2009...

Also feel free to contact me on discord at duke_ali#8750 or on telegram at @Duke_Ali to guide me or you have any questions about the laptop if anybody is interested in buying it or wants to share experience


Thanks Asus for making gaming easy and joyful.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Duke_Ali ,


Congratulations on owning a new device from the ROG series! However, I understand that you have some concerns. Let me address each of the issues you mentioned in order:


(1) CS:GO game startup, high temperatures, and system lag during tasks:
Have you tried reinstalling the CS:GO software to test if the issue persists? 
Have you experimented with adjusting modes in Armoury Crate, such as Turbo Mode or switching to Ultimate Mode in GPU settings, to see if there's an improvement? 
Also, please ensure that your BIOS and graphics card drivers are up-to-date. You can download the latest versions here:


(2) Laptop heating while watching YouTube videos:
Laptops can naturally heat up during multimedia tasks, and the temperature increase you mentioned seems to be within an acceptable range. The silent operation of fans indicates effective temperature control. Just make sure your laptop has good ventilation.


(3) Regarding power:
You can adjust the mode you're using through ASUS Battery Health Charging in MyASUS, which effectively prolongs battery life. You can refer to the following link for instructions: 
It's a good practice to shut down your laptop and unplug it during the night; this doesn't cause any damage and conserves energy. Just make sure to properly shut down the system before disconnecting.


(4) Temperature:
Most modern laptops are designed to shut down automatically when temperatures reach unsafe levels. However, prolonged operation at high temperatures could impact its lifespan. It's recommended to maintain good heat dissipation. Here's relevant information about CPU temperature:


Thank you for your enthusiastic support for ASUS products. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to ask anytime.

Hello again @Anbby_ROG 

Thanks for addressing my issue patiently.


Regarding to your guides: 1- I've tried the turbo mode and ultra performance during launching game's, CS:GO from Steam and Fall Guys from Epicgames;

I can't re-install CS:GO cause where i live the internet quality is quite terrible and there are severe restrictions and censorship thus it'll be really Nerve wracking to do all the re-installation.


In turbo mode/ultra performance the heating still persist, cpu about 80°C to 85°C and the GPU temp is 60°C to 80°C variable, on the lowest settings, also, i can't get FPS over 250! Like i have expectations from an i7 130650HX and thid beast of a RTX 4060!!!

I will acquire a coolpad soon for extra care of this device.(will it help? Do you have any specific suggestions to huy which exact brand?)


2- i have faced new issues which i don't know if they'll be counted as one;

I always use the laptop plugged in, i don't even turn it on on battery and yet,while its plugged in, it starts to drop the battery level from 100% to 94% percent and then continued to charge it to 96%, it doesn't charge anymore, I didn't try re-charging it since it was recommended to keep the battery level on 80% for plugged in usage.( I'd like an explanation on this)


The other issue is that; sometimes, somehow, the device hangs,lags,i don't know the exact term for this situation but, when this happens, i can't open any app's nor can right click to refresh the desktop but, i am able to navigate the mouse pointer and tap on windows bar to take actions such as shutting it down or restarting or put it in sleep mode, but this situation doesn't last more than 10 to 20 second's; is there any hardware dysfunctionality that requires me to go to warranty? And if i have to, can you tell me the possibility of which exact part is malfunctioning?

If its software, I'd he pleased to be guided towards fixing it.( I really can't go outside because of severe health related issues)

P.S: My driver's and windows 11 enterprise updates are correctly done and there's nothing else to update, also, I've took a full test through myasus app and it says that everything's working well.


Thank you again for listening and responding.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Duke_Ali ,


Thank you for your resply. 
You've brought up a key point ,the network latency affecting gameplay smoothness and FPS in games. Poor internet quality can indeed have a significant impact. Based on the temperatures you've provided, they fall within the appropriate range for high-performance usage. Using a cooling pad can certainly help improve airflow around the laptop and lower temperatures. However, due to the multitude of cooling pad brands available, we're unable to recommend a specific one. We suggest you look for a well-reviewed product that fits your usage requirements.


Regarding the battery charging issue, may I confirm if you are using the original charger? Are you setting ASUS Battery Health Charging to stop charging at 80%? I recommend using the battery until it's below 80% and then testing the recharging process.


Regarding the Hangs/Lags issue you've described, could you specify which software this typically happens with? It's worth checking if you have too many background programs running, which could be causing the issue. Additionally, you can use MyASUS to diagnose your laptop and ensure there are no problems. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you.