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Please suggest me an Asus ROG laptop that has all features?

Level 7

It's honestly killing a lot of time for me, there are just a lot of views and i am getting overwhelmed, people say Asus Tuff is also good but i have also heard that the thermal cooling is bad, and i have been suggested about Lenovo legion, but i just want to stick to ROG, maybe Zephyrus or strix. And i am still not sure. It's killing me to just take a laptop. I like the 15 inch laptop, but it's the old model, and Zephyrus 16 is the newer(2023) model.


Level 11

"All features" is a very wide net to catch with. If you want a touchscreen, you are better off with a Flow. If you want multiple screens, you want a Zephyrus Duo. If you want a NumPad, with most ASUS/ROG laptops you are out of luck. ROG laptops also generally do not have a SmartCard reader or a fingerprint sensor. So you are correct, there are various choices for various needs.

Size matters, sometimes more than functionality. Do you want to use an old laptop bag or do you need to find a new one? I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 16" laptops are generally a little smaller than older 15.6" laptops because they just reduce the bezel size. The overall laptop size and weight can be smaller, so physical dimensions are a good thing to check. TUF tends to be a little bigger in that regard. Personally I have only ever owned a Zephyrus and that one power throttles instead of thermal throttling so... ymmv?

And once you're clear on what functionality you want out of a laptop and the preferred size of it, you still need to fit it in your budget. Or your budget may tell you some functionality needs to be left out. Though the budget can also say "wait, maybe there is a discount within two months because of a new generation of the same model is out". A small consideration may be paid to your physical location as well, if you need warranty support or service after warranty, are there certified service points nearby for warranty or is there a clear way to get spare parts or maintenance from third parties?