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Ping Spikes with Mediatek MT7922

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I have a 2022 ROG Flow X16 with latest BIOS (318 and Drivers V3.3.2.852). There are regular ping spikes when im in a 5Ghz Network. With 2.4Ghz everything is ok. The Problem only occurs under Windows 11. When running Linux everything ist fine so it has to be a driver Problem. I think the problem came with one of the later driver updates (like 4 Month). My Notebook was just in repair and they changed the motherboard so this also seems to have no effect.

Ping times in 2.4ghz: stable 4-5ms

Ping times in 5ghz: in this order 8ms, 25 ms, 62, 122ms, 100ms, 9 ms, 31ms, 76ms, 120ms, 7ms, 25ms, 50ms, 90ms, ... so it starts with an accaptable ping like 8ms and then there is a ramp up to 122ms and then starting anew.

Setting "only 2.4 Ghz" in driver options > advanced > band selection solves the problem with ping times but its only a workaround since then I only have 300 mbit (from 1000mbit).

Best regards



Customer Service Agent

Hi @m3mojo ,

Please try reinstalling the MediaTek Bluetooth driver version V1.1036.2.368 and the MediaTek wireless network driver version V3.3.2.852 for testing.

If the issue persists, could you please record a video of ping tests at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies? Please send the video via private message along with the following information for further investigation:


Serial number:
OS version number (Settings -> System -> System information) including screenshots:
AP connection information:
Router brand/model:
Network bandwidth:
Games/software where ping spikes and delays occur:
Using wired/wireless network:



Thank you.

Level 8

I tried reinstalling the drivers, even rollback to older versions. The problem at 5Ghz persists. Only when i close the lid, let it go to Standby and then wake it up again somehow it works for a couple of minutes. Please see my private message with the video and so on.

Level 8

Ok, I think I found the reason for the problem (not Mediatek MT7922):

I installed a new WIFI-Card (Intel ax210) and the problem still persisted. Then I tried various things, but the ping got better after I disabled Hyper-V-Services and followed these steps: 14 Ways on How to Fix Ping Spikes Permanently - Tech News Today.

Hyper-V seemes to be the root cause.

I hope this maybe helps others experiencing ping spikes.

Best regards