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Performance issues and freezes on Asus Flow X13 + XG Mobile (RTX 3080)

Level 8

Hello everyone, I am the owner of an Asus Flow X13 laptop and an XG Mobile external GPU with a 3080 graphics card. I've been dealing with a problem that has persisted for quite some time now. Previously, I occasionally encountered the following issue: while playing games installed on external drives, they would freeze for a few seconds, and during these moments, in the Armoury Crate program, I would see the GPU load and usage (purple and blue lines), as well as the CPU usage (orange), drop to zero (I will attach a screenshot). I was able to indirectly fix this problem by moving all the games to the main drive.


However, now the problem has escalated. Games on the main drive are freezing in the same manner. Moreover, I'm experiencing performance issues in online games. Strangely enough, in games like Dead by Daylight or Overwatch 2, I'm forced to set everything to low to achieve a stable 100+ FPS, even though a computer with a 3080 onboard should easily handle these games on ultra settings. Meanwhile, I can play the new Resident Evil 4 Remake on high settings with good FPS, even though the game seems to be much more demanding.


On top of that, Overwatch started crashing and showing an error (I will attach a screenshot) stating that the "GPU appears to be overclocked." The problem is that even when I set the Turbo mode in Armoury Crate, it's not enough, let alone other modes. So, I started using the manual mode, where I set everything to the maximum - base clock offset 200/200 MHz, memory clock offset 300/300 MHz, SPL 45/45W, SPPT 80/80 WT, and maximum fan speed. But the game still crashes. Dead By Daylight also crashes, and gives the error message that says "Fatal error: [File: Unknown] [Line: 198] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')."


I need advice on what to do about this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @GruckZ ,

Based on your description, I would like to confirm with you whether you have updated your graphics card driver to the latest version or tried removing and reinstalling it for testing purposes.

Please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns. Thank you

I have already tried updating all drivers and bios and so on. For removing and reinstalling, I guess I don't know how I could do it in external xg mobile.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @GruckZ ,
Thanks for your reply, we suggest restoring the game's performance settings to test if the issue is caused by the settings. Additionally, we recommend updating your drivers to the latest version.
Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to search for and download drivers:

We also suggest using MyASUS to check if your hardware is functioning properly.
Please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns. Thank you

Hello, @Anbby_ROG ,

As I have mentioned, I have already tried to update all drivers, many times, but issue still persists. In my opinion,  the thing is, that all drivers I'm trying to update are for my laptop, but problem hides into xg mobile, and for it, all I was able to found is an advice to flash Vbios, but I suggested it is an risky and finicky operation, so trying it on my own could brick my device. And I also tried Myasus, every possible system check - nothing found, everything is fine. Also, I decided to run a performance test in 3Dmark, and got devastating results - performance it thrice as low as it is supposed to be with my hardware, thus complementing the fact, that something is wrong, screenshots attached, kindly look.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @GruckZ ,

Thanks for your feedback.
If the hardware is running perfectly, it might be a settings issue. 
You can try restoring the BIOS settings and removing and reinstalling the game to test. 
Additionally, please use the following link to select your XG mobile model: 
Click on "Support" > "Driver & Tools", select your product and operating system, 
and then download the driver to test whether it can solve the current problem. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could help with my similar problem? My 2022 xg mobile seems to have performance issues recently after a power outage caused it to disconnect improperly. The gpu seems to only draw around 55W now and the clock speeds are nothing like they are supposed to be. I’ve tried updating bios and reinstalling graphics drivers and nothing has worked. I was wondering if you have any other suggestions?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @BigT7 ,

May I confirm with you if this issue occurred only after a power outage?
If yes, it is recommended to send the product to the repair center for hardware inspection to avoid hardware abnormality caused by isconnect improperly. Thank you.

Did you ever figure it out? I’m having the same problem