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Panel Overdrive is missing and saw an update for it but that's now missing too

Level 7

I have the Zephyrus Duo 16 (2023PZ) GX650PZ

After the Armoury Crate update my panel over drive has been missing

I saw an update for the refreshrateservice (v2.1.1) but it went missing right afterwards since existing Amoury Crate. I've pressed the check for updates button, closed in and out, and restarted my laptop but it won't seem to pop back up again.

Currently I have Refreshrateservice (v2.1.0) (I downloaded this from someone else in the forum) but it does not seem to function properly like it should be when I originally had Panel Overdrive.

Has anyone gotten the v2.1.1?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Aveeno ,
Please check if there is a pending update for the ASUS Smart Display Control V2.10.24 in MyASUS. 

Please try updating this driver and then restart to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.

that did not work when I tried that yesterday, but the update did pop back up today and it's now working! 

Thank you for your help!