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OEM GPU drivers.

Level 11

I recently entered a debate with someone who claimed that you should only ever use OEM drivers for your laptop and ironically was using a ASUS TUF laptop.

They also claimed that even the Nvidia driver site suggests using your laptops OEM updated drivers rather than the official latest from them.

So tell me, which is actually accurate, because you haven't updated GPU drivers for the FA507RR since this time last year?
Are Nvidia and this randomer wrong, or are you just too lazy to keep up?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Ragnaraz690 ,


Nvidia's official driver updates are designed to cater to a wide range of graphics cards and laptops. While they usually offer the latest features and optimizations, they might not always take into account the specific nuances of every laptop model.

The drivers provided on ASUS's official website undergo testing and validation for product compatibility and stability. As driver updates primarily aim to ensure the security and stability of the product system, the drivers for the FA507RR have already undergone comprehensive testing and are in a stable state, which is why frequent updates might not be released.

Of course, we understand that many users prefer to use the latest drivers provided by Nvidia. If there are any issues encountered during usage, users can always revert to downloading versions that have been officially verified on the ASUS website. Hope this information is helpful for your reference.

Considering there are new games, Nvidia is launching DLSS 3.5, which to be honest 30series can't really use, but they're reworking the  RT programming to get better performance, That will be hand for any laptop capable of RT.

Are you actually going to update the drivers, or just focus on the newer machines as usual? @Anbby_ROG