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Nvidia Digital Vibrance Reseting

Level 7

Hi, i have a asus tuf f15 laptop
ever since i got the laptop and changed the digital vibracne (as i normally would on my desktop pc) it would work for the whole time im playing as long as i dont go to fullscreen and as long as im not restarting. so now everytime i do one of these 2 i have to configure the digital vibrance back to 88%

ive seen a solution in a forum which said about downloading a specific nvidia asus certified driver but im not sure where to download it and if its still usable.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @TastyApple ,

If your laptop supports the GameVisual function, which reapplies the color enhancement function of GameVisual after reboot. 
Please try adjusting the color gamut and color temperature through Armoury Crate > GameVisual to better suit your usage needs and observe if there is any improvement. Thank you.


【GameVisual 】

Thanks for the reply, is it possible to disable it? I dont want gamevisual as i already know what color temperature i want in nvidia control panel, if its not possible to disable it then maybe is it possible to know the color temperature in game visual thats has the same color as the digital vibrance in nvidia?