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Not able to register my 2022 G15 laptop that i bought off offerup

Level 7

I purchased a used 1 year old ROG laptop from someone on OfferUp, Is there any way of changing the registration account from the old owner to mine?



Hi @CryptonicAustin ,


To ensure the rights and data security of users, please PM me the following information, and we will assist in canceling the registration of the original product.
After cancellation, you can re-register the product to your member account. Thank you.
(1) The original registered member account and product invoice certificate
(if there is no information about the previous registrant or original purchase invoice, please provide relevant screenshots of the previous user's product registration page)
(2) Photos of the product's outer box(include serial number sticker) or serial number sticker on the product
(3) Your member account email.
(4) Serial number