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No Stereo Mix - TUF F15 (FX507ZM)

Level 7

Does anyone know how can I enable Stereo Mix on this laptop???

I tried installing drivers and every solution I saw online a while ago and still can't manage to enable it.

Is it just not possible?



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Sigarya ,

I'd like to confirm with you the model of your product and the operating system you're currently using. 
Please checked the sound settings to see if there are any relevant configurations there? You can refer to the instructions provided in this link for guidance. If you still have concerns, could you please provide screenshots of your settings or any relevant information about the steps you've taken? This will help us further investigate the issue you're facing. Thank you.

My model is FX507ZM.

I don't have Stereo Mix as an input device.

I tried enabling it, but it doesn't appear in the sound settings.

I tried installing C-media drivers, but it didn't help.

The link you provided doesn't help me, I want to use Stereo Mix as an input device. is it possible on this model?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Sigarya ,

Could you please provide a screenshot of your settings screen for further verification?
Have you tried reinstalling the microphone driver in the Device Manager?
Please type 'Device Manager' in the Windows search bar and open it.
Click the arrow next to 'Audio Input and Output' under the device type. Right-click on 'Your Microphone Device' and select 'Uninstall Device.' Click 'Uninstall.'
After uninstalling the microphone driver, in Device Manager, click 'Action' and choose 'Scan for Hardware Changes.'
The computer will reinstall the microphone driver and display it again in the 'Audio Input and Output' device category. Please check again to see if you can enable the stereo mix option. Thank you.