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Network issues on G814JV with BIOS 328

Level 8

I hope this is an uncommon issue, but what appears to be the root cause may be in serious need of adjustment.

2024-05-18 I was notified all day of an update being available that required reboot, so in the evening, I shut down the laptop and found out it was a firmware update. I thought nothing of it, but after the  system restarted, I saw the network appeared to be down. In my building, there is a neighbor who uses a device that occasionally causes interference, so I figured I would try to resolve the issue in the morning.

After checking various switches on different floors and the main router that connects the building to the internet, I eventually figured out using wireshark that the problem is that my specific laptop, model G814JV, appears to prefer to connect to that neighbor's device rather than to the building's main router. The neighbor's device is an Asus wifi extender that apparently gets detected as a router; if I am connected to the network and go into MyASUS, the Router tab under My ASUS Devices will show a login screen for the device.

I have another, older Asus laptop that can connect without issues using the same cable that the newer laptop misbehaves with. Booting into a Linux session on the newer laptop, I found the same symptom, the laptop tries to connect to that wifi extender rather than the actual router. This led me to believe the BIOS update v328 was to blame for installing buggy firmware.

The neighbor's device misbehaves too, in that it sometimes causes a network loop that causes everyone who's connected to one of the switches to be offline, but currently the main issue seems to be this insane "feature" of preferring any ASUS router over anything else. I checked in both Armory Crate and MyASUS, as well as the BIOS, but there seems to be no setting anywhere to disable this behavior or manually adjust the connection priority/preference.

Would anyone have any suggestions? I would recommend anyone with a choice to try to hold off on installing this latest BIOS (328), as it also appears to make the mouse behave weirdly (speed is high until Armory Crate services start).


Customer Service Agent

Hi @asharkinasuit ,

Regarding the network issue, have you tried resetting the network settings to default ([Start] > [Settings] > [Network & Internet] > [Advanced network settings] > [Network reset]) to see if the problem improves? Please note that resetting the network settings to default will clear any information you have previously entered, so please make sure to back up your account information beforehand.
Additionally, regarding the mouse behave weirdly, could you provide a video for further investigation? Thank you.

Hi @Anbby_ROG .

As I mentioned in my original post, the same behavior appears to be present when running a Linux session on the same hardware. I do not believe resetting the network settings under Windows will fix the problem. If you want, I can DM some Wiershark capture files taken under both Linux and Windows to show the same basic pattern occurring.

As for the mouse behavior, I am not sure how to capture a video of the issue, since it is mainly about the response from moving the mouse. Right after logging into Windows, the pointer speed is quite fast, as per the settings, but after Armory Crate loads (indicated by the on-screen display of the D for default profile), the speed slows. I confirmed it is not the DPI button on the mouse, since clicking that slows the pointer much more. I also found when playing an older game that after closing it, the speed seems to go back up. (It doesn't help that Windows seems to have two places where pointer speed can be set, but that's obviously not an Asus issue.)

Edit: I think I can use the DPI setting in Armory crate to achieve a reasonably satisfactory result, I hope it persists across reboots.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @asharkinasuit ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Hello i am experiencing the same issue on a asus strix scar 2023 (G634JZ) network is all messed up if it's not coming from a mobile hotspot connected directly into the laptop

im on bios update 328 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Vali ,

I would like to further confirm the network issue. You mentioned that if not connected through a mobile hotspot, the network becomes problematic. Could you please provide more specific details about the issues you are experiencing with the network? Does the problem occur when rolling back to BIOS 324? If possible, please record a video demonstrating the issue and provide the following information:


  • Wireless LAN version:
  • Bluetooth version:


Thank you for your cooperation.

Level 8

I'm sorry I have been inactive. I have obtained a router in order to fix the issue, so I haven't been very motivated to pursue this issue. Buying something else to fix this shouldn't really be necessary, but I can justify it to myself by saying this way I am technically also more secure from whatever the neighbors might try to do to my devices, plus it provides reliable WiFi. The Windows WiFi hotspot I used before somehow doesn't seem to play nicely with my Samsung smartphone, but let's not get lost in that rabbit hole...