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Need some insight.

Level 8


I have a STRIX G17 (2023) G713PV-WS94, what is the maximum amount of RAM and SSD can I add?

For the RAM, I currently have 16GB DDR5 4800mhz. If I want to add 32GB, does it have to be 4800mhz or can I go up to 5200 or even 5600?

Does the motherboard support Gen5 NVME SSD, or is Gen4 the highest supported?




Level 12

use this website to check if it's possible 

I did but they don't have my specific model on the compatibility list ( G713PV-WS94 ). 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @nerko1991 ,

The G713PV has a total of 2 memory sockets, including those that are currently in use. 
It supports one SO-DIMM with a maximum capacity of 16GB, and its specification is DDR5-4800, dual channel.


Regarding SSD expansion,the G713PV comes with two SSD slots, including those that are currently in use.  

Each slot supports up to 2TB(M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® G4x4 ).


Please note that we conduct stability and compatibility tests based on the recommended specifications for laptop upgrades. If you encounter compatibility issues when installing components beyond the suggested specifications, we recommend testing with the recommended specifications for optimal performance. Thank you for your understanding.

Hmm 🤔... Interesting, because some people say 32GB is the max for RAM and some say it's 64GB. says that it holds a max of 64GB Ram and when I called ASUS, they told me the max is 32GB for the RAM, so I really don't know who to believe. 😆☹️ 

I believe for the SSD, I'm good, it's just the RAM that I'm not too sure of.

I appreciate your feedback though! 💙