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MyASUS does not install updates

Level 8

Screenshot 2024-04-16 191117.png

GA503RW - 6900HS, 3070ti

Windows 11 -  22621.3447

Nvidia drivers - 552.12

This update for some rason of the other won't install not matter what I try, I tried contacting asus support and got a generic answer. Is there a specified function or setting I must trigger, I also had to manually update my BIOS due to this fault but in that case I had to downgrade back down (316 to 313) and even then I used the official support site. I have had multiple updates install previous just not this one.

If anyone could provide any help that will helpful, I have no idea if this is because I updated my AMD drivers or Nvidia drivers and I have not seen anyone else really complaining about it so, thats why I am asking.