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My new (as of this fall) ROG Strix G16 laptop is experiencing continuous pulsing lag in game

Level 7

I've tried turning off g-sync, messing with different configs on Armoury crate and Nvidia as well as game settings but the lag continues nonetheless. I know it's not an ethernet problem and as far I know there is nothing "wrong" with my computer. The only thing that I've noticed that could be the source is that my CPU heats up to around 85 C every time I launch a game. However, I looked it up and this is apparently fine for this computer? Please help lol


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Pokeplayer1 ,

Please try setting the GPU in Armoury Crate to either Ultimate or Standard mode during gameplay, and set the operating mode to Turbo mode. This will help test if there are any improvements.

If the issue persists, please download Hwinfo to record the latency during gameplay (please synchronously record a segment of delayed video), and provide the following information via private message. I will provide feedback to the relevant unit for further investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Serial Number:
BIOS Version:
Display Driver Version:
Windows Version: (Settings - System - About)
Armoury Crate > Settings > About > Service Version > Check Button (Copy all content):
Name of the game where the issue occurred:
Armoury Crate settings during the game:
Are there any external monitors or other devices connected?
Have you added or replaced SSD/RAM?
Are you using the transformer provided by the original factory?