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My Asus Strix G733QSA keeps crashing/freezing every 5-10 minutes

Level 8

Good day everyone!

I have been struggling to get a proper fix with my G733QSA. I have tried everything from reinstalling Windows 10/11 (I have installed Windows from a separate laptop since my machine keeps crashing), reinstalling the latest graphics drivers from Asus/AMD/Nvidia and replacing all my RAM and SSD but still no joy. I am quite reluctant to send my machine to Asus Repair Services here in UK since I have a bad experience with them. check their horrendous reviews. I'm pretty sure they will quote me again with a new motherboard repair which will cost more than what I paid for the laptop itself.

If anyone here has been able to sort out this issue may you so kindly help me. It would be really sad to know that this machine, considered the most powerful gaming laptop in 2022 is only good for a couple of years.


Level 12

Could be SSD or RAM issue, maybe driver issue or it just might be that motherboard.

The stock SSD and RAM have been tested on 2 different machines and are working as it should.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Alejarteaithame ,

I would like to confirm whether the crashes and freezes occur specifically in certain software or if they happen in any environment. Are there any error codes associated with these incidents? Additionally, could you provide information about the approximate temperatures during these occurrences?
When freezes happen, could you let me know the GPU and Operating settings in Armoury Crate? This information will be helpful for us to further investigate your issue.

Please assist by providing the following information, which will aid in our troubleshooting:

  • BIOS version: (Latest is 331)
  • NVIDIA display driver version (Official website V30.0.15.1278)
  • AMD Graphic version (Official website V27.20.14044.2001)
  • Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
  • Games/software where freezes/crashes occur
  • SSD/RAM brand and capacity
  • Whether an external monitor or other devices are connected
  • Power connection status

Hi Anbby_ROG,

I can confirm that I eventually have to install Win10 and Win11 via my GX701 since the G733 keeps crashing mid installation. No errors have been detected by MyASUS Diagnostics. Temperature wise, my machines always seat on laptop coolers and GPU and CPU temps never exceeded 75°C during normal use, never exceeded 80°C while playing Diablo 4. 

As per your troubleshooting query,

1. Bios version (331) is up to date since day one.

2. NVIDIA and AMD drivers are always up to date and even tested /experimented with Adrenalin drivers .

3. I dont believe that this is a Windows related issue so I wont bother with the build version.

4. No games and startup apps are running while these freezing/crashes occur.

5.SSD/RAM are stock. Even tested my machines with brand new SSD/RAM without success.

6.External monitor was tested a few times and resulted in static noise once every crash occurred.

7.No issues with power connection. I even manually checked the motherboard power rails for abnormal power distribution and all are normal as it should be even when the laptop has froze/crashed. I even lowered the current distribution if there would be any change but still the laptops crashes intermittently.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Alejarteaithame ,

Thank you for your response. Currently, we have not received similar reports internally. If crashing or freezing continues to occur during standby in normal temperature conditions, please assist by downloading the AsLogDumptool to record logs and provide the timestamps when the crashing or freezing occurs. I will then request assistance from the relevant teams to conduct further investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Level 9

I have the exact same model and been experiencing the same issues, in my case they started couple of months ago.  
Briefly; Would freeze during or soon after fresh installs of either Win 10&11.So I swapped in known working RAM & SSDs of differing bands ect. Updated to the latest 331 BIOS. When I could finally manage to: fully update Win 10/11 all drivers AC software etc. 
Basically it was impossible to perform a fresh install of windows, download windows updates and install drivers in one session without the G733QSA completely freezing.

However I have had some minor success:
Using a single 8GB DD4 2400 which is a much slower ram module I was actually able to perform a full fresh installation of windows, get it fully updated and install AC, drivers etc. The factory fitted ram is not faulty, I've fully tested it and previously swapped this for other DDR4 3200 from an older working laptop. 

With this done I've gone into Armoury Create and created a manual profile with more standard settings for the CPU and GPU. SPL & SPPT both set at 45W. GPU Base & Memory clocks set in the middle, GPU Power Saver set to Default. I also manually adjusted the fan curve. 

With all that set it's mostly stable, though it's now lost some performance. I put back the original SSDs did the whole thing again, still stable. I put back the factory fitted ram, still stable. However I did in the end choose to use the  DDR4 3200 from my older laptop as it's dual rank and bumps performance slightly, factory ram is only single rank. 

So in essence choking performance by either physically slower RAM or detuning in AC at least makes the G733QSA functional for long periods of time. However the AC route will only work when connected to the charger. Running on battery AC does not allow the manual profile and will freeze again within moments of booting.

Looking around online this is quite a prolific issue with this model and others similar. To have such an expensive series of laptop start to fail so soon like this is very disappointing indeed. 

Hi Johnyt,

Thank you for this mate! I just wish the ASUS Tech Support here in the UK are as concise giving recommended solution and instructions as you do! It seems ASUS have shut their ears closed with this issue. I have heard that this certain kind of error/problem only happens with the AMD Ryzen Edition. I have not heard anyone with Intel chipsets with the same G17 Strix components has had such problems. I think overclocking the CPU of these machines as stock was a bad decision by ASUS. These Ryzen 9 5900HX should be recalled in my opinion. Mine did not even last 2 years, DOP was 20/01/2022.

Hello Alejarteaithame

I think you might be right, seems rather overcooked. Very much wish the BIOS had better access to settings around the CPU etc, it's extremely limited currently.

Looking forward I might acquire cheap pairs of DDR4-2933, DDR4-2666 & DDR4-2400. Maybe I can find solid compromise of reliability and performance without having to rely on Armory Crate. Hopefully the DDR4-2933 will work out as it wouldn't be too much of a performance hit. Though even if it has to be the DDR-2400 that's fine. I'm really at the point now where I'll just be happy if I can play my games to a reasonable standard.

It would also be nice to run off the battery when required. As said previously AC does not allow my manual settings whilst running on battery so the freezing returns. 

Might be a few weeks before I can experiment with all this so can't promise I'll have an update for you any time soon.
I guess give it all a go yourself if it's indeed possible. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find some stability.

Hello @Johnyt ,

Have you tried racking it with a 32GB @ 2666 setting?

Going to try your previous recommendations. Keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed! 

Thanks again mate! Much appreciated!