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Multiple issues with ROG Strix G513RW

Level 7

ASUS ROG STRIX model G513RW-XS91-CA problems
- 32 GB of RAM, BIOS version 327
- playing music/videos causes the trackpad to freeze, but it returns to normal operation a few seconds after stopping the sound (ie: press space bar when playing a youtube video)
- causes random rapid mouse movements & mouse clicks when apps produce an alert sound - even when using another pointing device
- was inspected by the company where the laptop was purchased & they said it's because the built-in trackpad is too sensitive and is responding to speaker vibration, but this also happens even with headphones plugged into the headphone jack
- currently has the latest BIOS version installed and the latest audio driver
- have tried with Ubuntu and MX Linux and they also have the same problems
- Bluetooth and WiFi card sometimes randomly stops & requires a hard reset - a power off or restart does not fix it.
- My laptop was supposed to have an embedded numeric keypad on the trackpad, but I have never been able to activate it.
- These problems have been there since I purchased the machine a few months ago, and I have spent hours trying to find solutions. A "gaming" laptop without sound is not very useful.
- In the MyASUS app, selecting the ASUS One option used to lock up the app. On Dec/29/2023, a new updated version of the app got automatically installed. Now it is even worse, and gets stuck loading stating "Initiating ... 90%", and goes no further. If manually closed from the X at the window top, it will not open again until after a system reboot. ******!



Level 12

What temperatures does it show in the BIOS?

Level 7

BIOS shows CPU temp of about 65C after about 1/2 hour of regular use. The top of the machine feels only slightly warm along the top of the keyboard. Amoury Crate shows CPU fan running at 2,000 rpm with GPU usage of 0%. The problems happen even when testing right after booting up the machine.

So the problem is with a faulty BIOS, or it's hardware-related.

Level 7

I have already upgraded the BIOS to the latest version. It had an older version when I originally bought the machine. If I disable the sound, I no longer have problems with the built-in touchpad, or random clicks/mouse movements. It seems like some overlapping of hardware resources. Would I have to go through ASUS phone support if it's a hardware issue?

Level 12

Have you installed any new apps on to your system recently? if so that could be the cause of the problems

No new apps or games. Only the update to the MyASUS app. Aside from updates to Windows 11 and ASUS drivers and software, no other software has been installed. In fact, the Windows partition is the way I got the machine from factory, with the exception of the updates as mentioned. These problems have been there since I purchased the machine, a few months ago.

I'm going to try opening a service request to see if ASUS will service the machine.

Well I hope yours isn't as Fk'd as mine is as I need a new motherboard on a 2.5 year laptop.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @mjs ,

I apologize for hearing about your user experience. Based on your description, the issue may be related to the hardware of the touchpad. We recommend that you take your laptop to a local repair center for further hardware diagnostics to address the problems you are encountering. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.