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Mouse Randomly moves and clicks

Level 7

Asus Rog Flow z13 - Mouse randomly moves and clicks.  This happens when connected to external monitor with external mouse and keyboard.  I have tried resetting the device to factory and trying - issue persists.  I have tried a different keyboard and mouse - issue persists, I have tried disabling the touchpad in windows - issue persists.  I have updated every driver and bios to most current - issue persists.  


The only thing that solves the problem is to remove the Asus soft keyboard.  Issue does not occur when using the device standalone only when connected to external devices. 




Level 7

I know this may sound a stupid solution, but the only way I fixed this issue is by using the mesh that came with the tablet (the one that separates the screen from the keyboard). It worked and I don't experience this problem anymore.

Asus, please fix this issue, as it is not acceptable that we buy such an expensive unit to face such a silly issue

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Zayour ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 7

I have this exact problem. I just purchased the z13 i9 4060 in Thailand and this issue existed right when I bought it.  Removing the keyboard or leaving it open does solve the problem, but I use this tablet connected to my tv and I want the cover on to protect the screen. Please fine a solution to turn off the touch screen and the keyboard when the tablet is closed with the cover.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @goldenninja3  and All,

Thank you to all users who have reported this issue. Our internal team is currently actively analyzing and testing relevant solutions. 
As a temporary workaround, please try disabling the touchscreen: Navigate to Device Manager > Click the arrow next to "Human Interface Devices." Right-click on "HID-compliant touch screen" and select "Disable device."
I will provide updates as soon as our internal team has any new information. Thank you for your understanding.

Level 7

I have the same problem.  I find when I am connected to an internal monitor and mouse with the keyboard cover closed, the mouse jumps around, if I open the keyboard cover, it stops.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @GH06903 ,

Would you be able to provide the laptop serial number via private message for further assistance? Thank you.

Hi,  Just sent the S/N to you.

Level 7

I just bought a new machine and I am also experiencing the same issue with jumping and clicking mouse when on external monitor and mouse with the soft keyboard closed. All software and drivers are up to date. I tried multiple mice and the same problem persists.

so far, the best solution I’ve seen on the forum is to use the mesh that came with the computer when it was shipped. Has there been any movement on this issue?

Level 8

I'm facing this exact same issue.

I'm on the Z13 Acronym.

I thought my computer was dying.

It's fairly new and am also using the XG Mobile 4090. It's extremely discouraging. Asus used to be problem free once upon a time.

Level 7

Same exact issue here too -- I figured it was the touchscreen, since the visual touch focus animation appears on the external monitor when it happens. When using clamshell mode, is the touchscreen not being disabled? Seems like there should be some option to do this (just like disabling the built-in display)...