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Mouse Randomly moves and clicks

Level 7

Asus Rog Flow z13 - Mouse randomly moves and clicks.  This happens when connected to external monitor with external mouse and keyboard.  I have tried resetting the device to factory and trying - issue persists.  I have tried a different keyboard and mouse - issue persists, I have tried disabling the touchpad in windows - issue persists.  I have updated every driver and bios to most current - issue persists.  


The only thing that solves the problem is to remove the Asus soft keyboard.  Issue does not occur when using the device standalone only when connected to external devices. 




Customer Service Agent

Hi @DaVinster ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Replied. I will run the tests you ask after work tonight. Thank you for helping me with this.

Level 10

Wired or Unwired Mouse? If not wired try a wired mouse and see if it persist. If NOT then uninstall and reinstall the bluetooth drivers and that may fix it.


Level 7

I just bought my z13. And I have the exact same issue with the exact symptoms. The only way that works is to detach the keyboard. Is there any fix?


Sadly I don't know. I got frustrated and sent the device back. $1,600.00 dollars is a lot to  have to fix a new system. I mean this sort of thing happens. But I felt as if for that kind of money, it should not have issues nor need a workaround just to use the system.

What I will say is that My thoughts were around the touch screen registering input to the touch pad or vise versa. I didn't try it before sending it back. I simply bought a completely different system and returned the Z13. But have you tried disabling either the touch pad or touch screen in device manager while docked?

Here's why I say that. while experiencing the issue, I opened the keyboard cover just a little bit and inserted a pen, just enough to add space between the screen and touch-pad. The issue seemed to go away. But again, for $1600.00, I wasn't going to use a work around. I hope that helps. To me, the system should stop accepting input from the touchscreen and/or touch-pad when it knows the keyboard cover is closed.

Sorry to hear that. I actually love the portability of Z!13, while at the same time being capable of running games. But yes, this was an annoyance for me too.

Yes, I also figured this. The issue is the touchscreen. Now whenever I use my laptop docked, I either disable the touchscreen or use the laptop with the lid open. No more problem. So, I think there is a mechanical problem here, something (like a current or so) triggers the touchscreen. In my case though, it still  happens (but much less frequently), even if I keep the lid a tiny bit open.

I can live with that, as touchscreen is only necessary for me when I travel, but of course this is something ASUS should be taking care of for newer models.

Go to device manager
Expand USB controllers
Open properties for each of your Generic USB Hub(s), root hub, & host controller
Go to power management & uncheck "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"


Try  That, Sounds like usb conflict


Customer Service Agent

Hi @okiratli ,

Thank you for your attention to this issue. In fact, we are currently analyzing the problem and actively seeking solutions. Could you please provide the following information via private message? This will help us expedite the analysis of the issue. Thank you for your cooperation.


Serial Number:
BIOS Version:
Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
Whether connected to the screen via Dock:
(If possible, please take a photo of the connection situation.)

I have an ASUS ROG Strix G513RC.327 with windows home 11 64 bit 10.0.22621, my laptop clicks randomly. I have tried switching out mice, keyboards, using it without the external display and it still happens. I 've updated everything and still no solution. I CANNOT even use my laptop as it random clicks so much. I purchased it 2023-09-20 and NEED  a solution or want it returned and refunded as it cost 1,776,67$ 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @StacyJ ,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Since this discussion mainly focuses on the issue of random clicks on the Z13 external monitor, to ensure that your problem gets proper attention and resolution, we recommend creating a new discussion topic. This way, users with the same model can see and discuss your issue together. Thank you for your understanding.