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Missing Stock Boot for Scar 18

Level 7

I have been having issues trying to reset my Scar 18. The system keeps failing to complete the reset. So I used the Windows 11 media tool and that keeps failing also. 

All of this started happening after Windows Update downloaded an Asus firmware. The systems then restarted and  the bios updated firmware. After the restart I started having hardware issues. First the Bluetooth stopped working and then the Wi-Fi stopped working. I don't know if it's related but soon after getting the system back online via ethernet cable, the firewall service wouldn't start. This is what prompted me to do a reset.

Is there somewhere I could get a bootable for this particular laptop so I could get it back to the way it was when first purchased, so I could set it up from stock?

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @DirtTrash78 ,

If you want to install the system as it was when it left the factory, we recommend taking your laptop to your local authorized repair center for assistance. 
Alternatively, if you choose to reinstall Windows 11 using a USB flash drive installation media, please search for your product model in the download center after installation. Follow the driver installation order in the support section to download and install drivers one by one. We hope this helps.