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Main screen Zephrus Duo not being detected and booting off 2nd touch screen - known issue - NO HELP

Level 7

I have had this problem twice in the past year. First time only external monitor and touch screen came on after waking it up from sleep mode. Had to send it out under warranty and have the main board replaced. I never thought this was a big issue until now it happened again and of course sending it back.  It is a shame that ASUS must know about this issue. I have seen it on reddit, and here on another thread Solved: Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) occasional black screen - Republic of Gamers Forum - 941408 (

Instead of replacing the main board and knowing we will get screwed again in a year or so as this has to be an electrical problem with the main screen having some power issue or short , they should just replace our broken units with a newer model. After spending close to 4K and hoping to finally have a decent machine to replace my desktop and have a 2nd monitor when travelling build in, the dream becomes a never ending nightmare.

I called tech support and we spent hours doing every possible software solution, disabling both AMD and NVDIA drivers, reinstalling them, updating them, then did the bios a few times, updated, set back to default, a few times, did the hold the power button down for 60 seconds, plug it in, and  turn it on, and finally did the full pc reset , setting it back to windows 10 original default installation, and of course nothing helped.

Shame on you ASUS for not recalling them or offering those getting repairs an updated more stable model.



Level 7

Update and warning to anyone considering buying the Duo screen model. The repair center came back with a main display failure diagnosis and offered me a replacement ROG Strix Scar saying they do not have the duo parts or replacement models in stock.  I replied saying this is like offering someone a completely different model , different specs, and different functionality and refused it. So apparently not enough parts were made, not enough inventory was made to support the users. Just absolutely ridiculous.