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Main screen turned black

Level 7

So I have a ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS DUO 16 and for some reason as I was playing my main screen suddenly turned black. After a while the second screen was projecting what the main screen was supposed to be projecting. As I didn’t know what to do to get it back to the main screen I turned off my laptop and let it be for a night. The problem was solved but the issue came back later on. I ended up closing the laptop( not turning off) and let it be for a while which solved the issue for a couple of times that the issue occurred. However this solution was only temporary as now even if I close the laptop the issue is still there. I tried to look at the display on my settings and my laptop doesn’t read any more display screens. My button to turn off the second screen works fine but it doesn’t do anything other than doing what it’s meant to do and if I turn off the second screen then everything will be off. I tried restarting the computer as well as unplugging all external object form the laptop such as the ac adapter and USB’s. The issue is still there. My BIOS is at 319 as well so I don’t think that’s the problem. Any suggestions? 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Memo22 ,

I would like to confirm if the issue only occurs while playing games or if it happens in any situation. 
If use an external monitor, do you experience any abnormalities? 
Please try testing the issue with the ASUS-verified NVIDIA Graphic Driver Version V31.0.15.3168 and AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.12028.9001 to see if it improves the problem. Thank you.

Hey, so I’ve really only been playing on my computer so I’m not sure if it does happen outside of gaming. It’s been stuck on the second screen since I’ve posted this too so that also doesn’t help with figuring out of it only happens while gaming or not. Unfortunately right now I’m in a situation where I don’t have an external monitor to test it out so I wouldn’t know if this is the case. As for the drivers I do have the GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 555.85. I’m unsure as to how to check if I have the driver you talked about. As for AMD I haven’t used it since I’ve been using only NVIDIA.

Customer Service Agent

Could you provide a video of the operation process for us to verify?
Thank you.


Hi, Here is a video of the start up process of my computer that you requested. As you can see the second screen is the one that turns on and acts as the main screen. I also showed my NVIDIA application and showed my latest gaming driver update. I also showed my display settings where my computer doesn’t read any other displays. And lastly I showed my windows update. Sorry about it being a YouTube video, I didn’t know how to upload videos from my phone any other way since it would let me upload them straight from my gallery for some reason. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Memo22 ,

Thank you for providing the video. I would like to confirm if the main screen also does not display when entering the BIOS.

Additionally, we recommend using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove the display driver and testing the issue with the ASUS-verified NVIDIA graphics driver version V31.0.15.3168 to see if it improves the problem. Thank you.

Hey sorry I accidentally accepted that as my solution. So I tried doing the asus graphics driver installation it didn’t work and I’m not sure how to use the DDU. Do I have to install it? And how do I remove a driver?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Memo22 ,

Thank you for your feedback. 
I would like to confirm with you if the main screen displays properly when entering the BIOS interface. If the main screen still does not display in the BIOS interface, we recommend taking your laptop to a local service center for further hardware diagnostics to identify the issue. Thank you.