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M3 button not working, my mic is forever turned off

Level 7

I factory reset my laptop recently as my windows profile had a problem that made it so when I click any key it turns my microphone on and off unless an external keyboard was connected, this is supposedly the M3 key function, however the key stopped working and other keys started doing what the M3 key was doing. I had factory reset to fix my keyboard, and it worked however the M3 key is still broken and my mic is forever off, my device is GA503_RW, Zephyrus g15. all other keys work, M1, M2 and M4 just not M3.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @simpliqfy ,
Could you please try removing ASUS System Control Interface v3, uninstalling Armoury Crate using the uninstall tool, and then reinstalling ASUS System Control Interface v3 and Armoury Crate to see if there is any improvement? Thank you.