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Loss of CPU performance after short circuit in the battery connector to motherboard

Level 7

I have an ASUS ROG STRIX G16 and wanted to upgrade its RAM. I removed the third fan and battery connector but the metal clip on the battery was also removed by accident. After trying to put the connector and metal clip back, I turned on the laptop but the battery icon blinked and it turned off when plugged out so I thought the connection was loose and opened the laptop again. This time when connecting the battery and the metal clip I got sparks and saw a black burned dot on the battery connector. I didn't continue with connecting the battery anymore. The laptop works fine with the battery removed.

1. I realized my benchmark has dropped by 20-25% over multicore CPU after this happened. Has there been some damage to the CPU or motherboard? Any app I run passes all health tests. Is it repariable?

2. Is is safe to connect the battery to the motherboard or I should send it to warranty repair?

Thank you so much!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @fedrik1383 ,

Based on your description, to ensure the safe and proper functioning of your laptop, we recommend suspending its use temporarily and sending it to a local service center for further inspection and repair. This information is provided for your reference.