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Laptop random shutoff solution

Level 7

My scar 16 laptop would shut off at random times when gaming. I sent it for repair but because the ram in it was not stock they voided my warranty and would not repair it without payment. The laptop is less than a year old so I decided to do it myself. 

My ram passes multiple passes of memtest with flying colors so I began troubleshooting. I found burn marks on the graphics card, cpu and coolers. 

IMG_1087.jpegThere were also burns on the heat coolers. 

IMG_1088.jpegI cleaned off the Liquid Metal with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry and replaced with noctua h1. I also undervolted the cpu and my system runs 10degrees cooler than before with no issues so far. 

I spent $2,800 on this laptop and technical support team didn’t even try to fix the real issues. They didn’t even look, instead they blamed it on the consumer and washed their hands of it. I will not buy asus again. Buy a legion. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Joe7 ,

I'm sorry to hear about your service experience. 

Could you please provide your product serial number and repair number via private message so that we can further investigate your case? Thank you.

Here you go:


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Joe7 ,

Because your post contains your personal information, in order to prevent your personal information from being leaked, we will assist in deleting some information. 
I have further confirmed your case with the local service team. I will explain further via private message once there's any update. Thank you.