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Laptop not working without a screen

Level 7


I have an issue that's boggling me for a long time actually with my RoG GL703GM. I wanted to use it to play games on TV but when connected via HDMI or DP, I'm getting way lower framerates (more than 50% drop) than when using the internal screen (the resolution is the same - 1080p). I have tried installing linux and connecting it to the TV to play games and I am getting much higher framerates than on Windows. Basically to play games on a TV, I have to use linux - what treachery has Asus done here? That's the first issue.

The second issue I have is that I wanted to use the laptop as a gaming console, so I have removed the screen (in a service centre) to be able to start it without being opened. And again more weird stuff happened - after turning the laptop on, it shows the RoG boot logo, shows it's booting Windows and then the monitor (connected via HDMI) goes blank and nothing more is shown on the monitor. It seems like once it loads the nVidia driver, it goes black screen. Now again - after installing linux, it seems to work properly. OS boots, even loads the nVidia driver and I get OKish performance on the external screen.

This all seems like some very dilettant-ish optimization (I suppose it has to do something with disabling the integrated GPU) done by ASUS on the firmware level, which basically made the laptop completely flawed when one wants to play on an external screen. I have tried contacting them, but received no answer and I haven't used the laptop for a longer time because of this issue. 

I hope someone is able to provide some insight what the hell is going on here, and at least how to make the laptop run Windows without a screen?

Thank you!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @shinrame ,

I would like to confirm some relevant usage scenarios with you to further investigate your issue. 
May I ask the version of Windows and dGPU driver you are currently using? 
Additionally, have you set the high-performance option in the NVIDIA Control Panel? 
If possible, could you please private message me your product serial number for verification? Thank you.