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Laptop doesn’t turn on without being plugged

Level 7

I recently bought a Asus Zephyrus G16 (i9-13900H Rtx 4060) it’s a good laptop however sometimes it doesn’t turn on if it isn’t connected to the plug. The battery health should be fine as it’s a brand new laptop (bought it last month). Does anybody have the same issue or can anyone explain it to me why it doesn’t turn on? I generally keep my laptop on standard gpu mode with fan speed at performance, but sometimes I need it in eco mode with silent fan speed if I’m in a class or if I want to save my battery. The laptop lasts more than 4 hours without the plug. The main issue is that sometimes it doesn’t turn on.


Level 10

When you have the issue that the laptop does not turn on, then insert the plug and it does, what does it report the battery status as? I am curious if it is getting drained during standby (i.e. Windows Modern Standby issue, one of the most common issues of using laptops as portable devices) so much that it doesn't have enough power left to turn on. In such case, it may also be warm to the touch when taking it out of a bag.

Level 10

If the battery is not drained (empty), then it seems to be a common issue:

ASUS will have to comment on why it is happening and how to fix it. My expertise ends here.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @tryol0 ,

Could you please share your laptop model with us? 
I'd like to confirm if you've updated the BIOS and related drivers to the latest Asus-certified versions. You can check for updates here.
Would it be possible for you to record a video to further investigate the issue where the laptop cannot power on when it's not plugged in (if possible, please record the laptop's battery level before shutting it down)? We greatly appreciate your cooperation.