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Lag and stuttering while playing games at discrete graphics (Nvidia only - dgpu) - G14 GA402XV

Level 7

I am experiencing a lot of stuttering while playing any game in discrete graphics mode, whereas playing in optimus is smooth. I am running nvidia's latest driver to date (535.98) on my zephyrus g14 GA402XV 2023 model with nvidia 4060 and amd 7040hs cpu.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @utsavrai ,

May I ask if you have connected the power source while using it? And which mode have you selected in the Operating mode?

Additionally, have you installed the official graphics card driver version (V31.0.15.2892) provided on the official website to test it?

The above information is provided for your reference. If you still have any concerns or doubts regarding this issue, please let us know, and we will assist you further. Thank you.

I have the g634jz and the same problem. Dgpu mode/ultimate mode is a stuttering mess, doesn't have to be the ultimate mode too, if you get any screen input from nvidia card it happens ( standard mode and nvidia control panel dgpu only has also that problem) . No problem on optimus mode. It’s not on games only. It’s just the whole system that’s stuttering (You can try the browser ufo test and it will be even more obvious)

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Rosemary ,


Regarding the issue of stuttering when using the dGPU, we discussed this problem in another thread. Please assist us in verifying the relevant information through the following link. Thank you.


Level 9

I have a Strix Scar 16 (G634JY) on BIOS 317 and the lastest drivers from Nvidia and it does the same thing when going from iGPU or Optimus and rebooting into the dGPU (Nvidia 4090).  However I believe it's the BIOS that is causing this, because if you actually do a shutdown or turn off the laptop on the next reboot it seems to be fine when using te dGPU


I have the g634jz and the same issue. Stuttering on dgpu mode, optimus/igpu mode is fine

Level 7

G634 user here same issue switching to mux mode dgpu.