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Keyboard shortcuts in Armoury Crate are incompatibile with Polish language keyboard setting

Level 8

As in title. New Armoury crate uses ctrl+alt+s and ctrl+alt+l. Because of this I cannot use letters ł and ś. Even though those letters are written with just an alt pressed, I still can't get them. There's no way to disable this shortcuts from AC. Reinstalling, as pointed in this thread: doesn't help. It made thigs even worse, as my aura light and keyboard backlight stopped working. It looks like a total catastrophe from ergonomics standpoint. My os is Win 10 64bit and machine is ROG StrixIII. Thanks in advance for any help.


nie mam takiej opcji jak monitorowanie na żywo, nie wiem od czego to zależyobraz_2023-10-22_171858773.png

Level 7

Po kliknięciu "Urządzenie" możesz nie mieć opcji "System", wtedy szukaj opcji z monitorem. U mnie to była pierwsza opcja, o nazwie Rog STRIX. Zdecydowanie tego potrzebowałem w senny poniedziałkowy wieczór by się nieco rozkręcić 😄 A że źródłem problemu jest Armoury Crate to znalazłem ubijając proces po procesie w Menedżerze zadań.

Dzięki wszystkim za odpowiedzi!

After clicking on "Device," you might not have the "System" option, then look for the option with the monitor. In my case, it was the first option, named Rog STRIX. Definitely needed this on a sleepy Monday evening to get a bit going 😄 And since the source of the problem is Armoury Crate, I found it by ending processes one by one in the Task Manager.

Thanks everyone for the responses!

Level 8

kudos to @jawinge for the solution. I couldn't find which app delivered the overlay.

Very bad update from Asus. Missing test cases definitely, Armory Crate team. This was terribly annoying issue. On top of that, an overlay not identifying itself (which app/service it comes from) is bad user experience design on so many levels I do not know even where to start. Compare Nvidia GeForce Experience - they at least put GeForce logo in the overlay title bar, so user does know the source and then can go and find and change settings their way...

Level 7

Would be great to add the option to disable the shortcuts 🙂 Now, there is no way to keep the shortcut fields empty...

disable the shortcuts - super great idea!!!

Level 7

The same with my ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550LXS laptop. The shortcut from Armoury Crate theoretically are with Ctrl+Alt+S oraz Ctrl+Alt+L but it also starts just working with Alt+S oraz Alt+L which we use for our national letters. No matter if we use laptops keyboard or external.

Changing the letters is only a partial solution - basically all the letters of the alphabet are used in other programs - e.g. the Adobe suite.

First of all, fix the bug that Armory Crate shortcuts activates with just "Alt" - even without "Ctrl" pressed.

Secondly, just add the option to disable all or selected shortcuts in Armory Crate!

And don't “hide” this option so deep in Armory's features - just have it directly in the Settings window.

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Please refer to this thread for more info.

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Level 7

Quite terrible software development. I use CTRL-ALT-S shortcut in my main 3D program (Modo) a lot. Took me few days to figure out what the was going on as my shortcuts were not working. Spend quite a long time hunting problems from Modo, as first I didn't even notice the HUD. (I'm working on 32" 4K, so don't always look every corner), and after I noticed it, I didn't have any clue what the h*ll it is, as there is no info in the HUD where it comes. Fist I though it was something related to OBS.. 

No program ever should overdrive any user shortcuts without users consent. And if it does that for some unknown reason, then it definitely should clearly inform user about this when he fires these hotkeys. Not just give some obscure overlay with no info where it comes. 

And THIS IS NOT FIXED. We should be able to disable those hotkeys. Why that is not possible? What was the developer thinking when he decided to not allow disable those? Mapping other combos over them is not a solution. It is a dirty workaround. 

Level 7

It is complete absurd ASUS! You cannot break national keyboards because you have new update! I lost 1 hour for finding what you break.

Unfortunately, but these are the times we live in, software testing teams are being laid off - the end user becomes a beta tester in a sense. The customer is a bit annoyed - no big deal. It's a good thing that this is a global problem (hotkey issue), affecting many - otherwise you could only dream about a bug fix - although personally I don't think that our pouring out our grievances on this forum will change anything. That's why I mainly use software in English (not Polish), because the number of errors associated with non-English versions is huge.

And they probably represent a small percentage of all requests, which means that for giants like M$ the problem most often does not exist or is marginal.

well.... such life