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keyboard questions for Scar 18

Level 7

Hi, I just got the Scar 18 with the 4090. I am pleased overall, but have some questions about things that might become quite annoying:

1.Can I make my Keyboard lights turn off when NOT being used after 30seconds/1minute WHILE plugged in? I know I'm able to get it to do this while it's on battery through Armory Crate, but I'm talking about while it's using adapter power. My old ROG GTX 1070 does; The keyboard lights go about after a minute when I'm not touching it, i.e., when watching a movie or using a gaming controller. 

2. I don't think sleep mode is working properly (on adapter power). The rather bright hard drive status light  (the one on the right) keeps blinking, and, about every 5 minutes, it sounds like the computer starts to boot up as the keyboard lights come on for about 5 seconds. Is there a way to remedy this? (This can't be normal.) Again, my still functioning 2017 ROG laptop goes into sleep mode perfectly. I have disabled the keyboard lights in sleep mode with Armory Crate, but they keep intermittently coming on. (So it's impossible for me to sleep while the laptop's "sleeping!")

Thanks so much. 


Level 12

Windows sleep mode has issues I would suggest you visit Microsoft support if you are having any problems with it.

You should be able to set the keyboard lights all in armoury crate.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Boogart ,

Regarding sleep-related issues, please refer to the instructions in this link to adjust relevant settings and see if there is any improvement.
In Armoury Crate, you can choose to turn off the keyboard lighting effects. Please refer to the instructions in this link. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.