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Keyboard doesnt work

Level 7

I bought this ASUS G713QR 2021 secondhand, knowing the problems it had because I was pretty desperate on having this for a huge business project. Unfortunately, one of the problems was a faulty keyboard and backlit not working, although the Power button works no problem.

i tried to fix it by re-installing/updating the driver and restarting the laptop but it doesn't work, even tried to replace the whole keyboard component, but it still does not work aside from the power button, then after looking at some forums, i decided to test the keyboard on the UEFI, it doesn't work as well, unless i'm using an external keyboard.

is this repairable? is the faulty actually from the keyboard or is it from some components on the motherboard?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Saiful94 ,

Due to the inability to confirm whether the keyboard replacement you performed is experiencing compatibility issues, we recommend that you send your laptop to the repair center for further examination. If your product is no longer under warranty, there may be a diagnostic fee. After the repair center conducts the inspection, they will provide you with a quotation for the relevant parts, and you can assess whether you want to proceed with the paid repair. 

The information above is provided for your reference. Thank you.