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Issues after windows upgrade

Level 7


I have some issues with my TUF15 FX506HE  that I had for 4 months now.

After upgrading to windows 11 two days ago,  games started lagging or not working at all in fullscreen. I might open a game, see a big white screen and cant do nothing about it. I can alt tab, check on task manager but game screen would be still white and not shown in process list - cannot close or do anything, need to force restart laptop and try again ( might  open the game and work from 2nd or 3rd try )  This happened in different games,  2-5 fps in homescreen of mafia 1 definitive edition,  gta v ( didnt even tried multiplayer ) or subnautica ( that what i first installed because i was already playing them. If im able to open games in window mode, theyre working but seems like its not working as it should ( fps drops or game stucks 2-3 seconds). Drivers and windows are up to date, tried to disable a couple of things i found on internet, checked graphics settings and forced widnows to use dedicated card ( 3050ti in this case)  and disabled full screen optimisation but seems like its still not doing any better. 

I had some issues with windows 10 but they were fixed or so rare that i didnt mind them. 

At the same time, brightness is not working. I see the settings, i can move the bar but there is no difference on screen brightness. 


Any idea what else i should check or just go back to w10 ? 


Thank you!




Customer Service Agent

Hi @Lotica1 ,
May I confirm what is your current BIOS version?
Have you tried removing and reinstalling the dGPU driver to see if it resolves the issue?
Additionally, I'd like to know how you upgraded to Windows 11. Could you please let me know the method you used for the upgrade?
Should you have any further questions or require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you

Hi, @Anbby_ROG . Im currently running on FX506HE.313 03/3/2023. I've tried to remove and install gpu driver but no difference. Windows 11 was installed with bootable usb. I can play fine in windows mode but everything becomes worse when i switch to fullscreen. I will keep it like this for some time, continue to look into it and if this keeps happening ill do another windows installation.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Lotica1 ,
Thank you for providing the information. 
Based on your description, it seems that there might be some issues with the system and drivers. I suggest reinstalling Windows to see if it improves the situation. Thank you.