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International buyers, DO NOT buy ASUS laptops

Level 8

Good afternoon everyone,

I'd like to explain why you should NOT buy any ASUS laptop if you are an international customer and not in the United States. The warranty DOES NOT EXIST outside the United States; ASUS International takes absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY.

I purchased a ROG FLOW X13 two months ago in Minnesota, USA (N4NRKD011994152), and now I'm living in Argentina. It is impossible to watch any kind of videos (YouTube, Netflix, movies, games, etc.) due to the amount of ghosts in ALL the dark parts of the image. The laptop is fully updated (BIOS, GPU, drivers, etc.), and I've contacted support through this page, and we've done all sorts of tests.

The problem remains the same. It's a laptop that costs over $1000 and is a total disappointment; the image quality is TERRIBLE. I spoke with the support in this country, and I have to pay ALL THE EXPENSES that it would take to send it to the United States for replacement or repair. They are a disgrace of a company, with terrible customer service and response quality. I implore buyers to think twice before buying an ASUS laptop. I am completely regretful.




Hello Kalessim

ASUS does have an international warranty, but only certain countries apply.

Unfortunately, Argentina is not one of them.

International warranty.png


They should clearly warn the customer that there are countries where if something happens to your laptop, you have to use it as a paperweight. There is no international warranty. They do not provide support in one of the main countries in Latin America, leaving the customer in the lurch. They are not a reputable company; I should have bought a different brand.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Kalessim ,

In accordance with the previous confirmation and explanation, ASUS products come with two types of warranties: "Local Warranty" and "International Warranty." Dealers will clearly indicate the warranty information (including warranty duration and region) for the product before sale. 
Unfortunately, the product you purchased only comes with a warranty for the United States, so if you require warranty or repair services, it will need to be sent to a service center in the United States. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌