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Intel Evo Processor Issue in ASUS Gaming F15 2022 Laptop

Level 7

Hey everyone,


I purchased the ASUS Gaming F15 2022 laptop, which is advertised to come equipped with an Intel Evo processor. However, I have been experiencing some issues with the processor, and I wanted to reach out to the community for some advice or possible solutions.


To give you some context, the Intel Evo platform is marketed as a premium computing experience with improved performance, responsiveness, and battery life. It was one of the main reasons I decided to go for this laptop, as I was looking for a powerful gaming machine with excellent overall performance.


Unfortunately, I've noticed a few concerning things with the intel Evo processor in my ASUS Gaming F15. First and foremost, I've been experiencing unexpected lag and slower-than-expected performance during gaming sessions. This is particularly frustrating as the laptop should have been able to handle demanding games effortlessly.


Moreover, I've noticed that the battery life doesn't seem to meet the expectations set by the Intel Evo platform. While I understand that gaming laptops generally have lower battery life due to the power-hungry components, I expected the Intel Evo processor to optimize power consumption better.


I have updated all the drivers and installed the latest BIOS version, hoping that it would resolve the issue, but unfortunately, the problems persist. I've also monitored the system temperature to rule out any thermal throttling, and it seems to be within acceptable limits.


At this point, I'm unsure whether the issue lies with my particular laptop unit or if it's a broader problem with Intel Evo processors. I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced similar issues with their Intel Evo-powered laptops, especially the ASUS Gaming F15 2022 model.


If you've encountered any problems or found any solutions, I would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions. Additionally, if you have any tips or tricks to optimize the performance or battery life of the Intel Evo processor, please share them as well.


I'm planning to reach out to ASUS support regarding this matter, but I wanted to gather some community feedback first to have a better understanding of the situation. Hopefully, we can collaborate and find a resolution or workaround together.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Best regards,

Tammy Gombez


Customer Service Agent

Hi @tammygombez ,

Based on your description, I would like to further inquire for more detailed information to assist you in resolving the issue you are experiencing.

I would like to confirm whether the lag or slow issue during gaming occurs specifically in certain games or if it happens in any game. Could you please provide the names of the games?
For optimizing your gaming experience and addressing the lag and slow issues, please refer to the steps outlined in the following link:

Additionally, I would like to inquire about the battery consumption issue. Could you please describe how long the battery lasts and how much power is consumed during usage?
The battery discharge rate depends on the software you are using and the power management settings of your system. Please refer to the following link to optimize your system settings:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply let us know. Thank you.