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i desperately need help

Level 7
I'm Mustafa, a fourth-year civil engineering student from Pakistan. I'm reaching out about my ASUS ROG Strix G16 laptop, and I could really use your guys's help.
ive been a huge console guy up till now but i wanted to get a pc so i selected the g16 rtx 4050. i saved up money of 3 years to order it from a family friend in the US back in december 2023 but i only just got in april 2024 as she couldnt come before that.
when i got it i set it up and did the updates and turned it back off and packed it in the box(used for 20 minutes max) but i couldnt take it with me as I had to leave for my university exams. When I came back(2 weeks later) and turned it on, nothing showed up on the screen but there was still lights in the power button and rgb of the keyboard i researched online and on here it said to unplug the battery and memory sticks and replug it. i couldnt do it myself so i took it to a guy i know who works in a dell service centre. But, unfortunately, he ended up accidentally damaging it while trying to fix it because now the laptops wouldnt turn on without the charger connected. one of my friends told me that theres a few service centres in pakistan . When I got to the ASUS service center, they said there were two issues: a problem with the motherboard(which was the original problem) and damage to the battery. They said that because of the second issue your warranty is now void and we can't fix it under warranty.
I get that I messed up by not going straight to ASUS, but fixing it now without warranty would cost more than the laptop itself(because of the state of my country's economy and the taxes required to import the damaged parts), and as a student, I just can't afford that.
what should i do?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @MrWho69 ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you