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How well do ROG laptops last?

Level 7

I'm thinking of getting ROG G15 advantage for myself, I've never had gaming laptops so I have only used PCs which I know last for a really long time even if you heavy use them, but I'm a little concerned to drop 1.5k on a laptop, maybe it's gonna just die on its own? Maybe it's gonna burn out due heavy gaming? Can you guys give me some insight? Thanks ahead!


Level 7

I'd love to tell you that my laptop works great and was a good investment. Up until recently my only complaint was the default WIFI card being awful. But that's an easy and cheap fix. Unfortunately as of this week it seems like the display might be dying as well, which I think I can fix as well (a new screen is like a hundred bucks and supposedly not too hard to install), but it's not really a project I was planning on undertaking less than 2 years into its life! Sheesh. I had read some bad reviews, but I thought "everything gets some bad reviews, surely that's just bad luck" but here we are.

So I can't really recommend buying one (unless you are the sort of person who buys a new computer every year or two). Me personally, I was hoping to get AT LEAST 4-5 years out of this unit. I definitely don't have the money to throw away and I rely on the computer for a lot of work.