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How well do ROG laptops last?

Level 7

I'm thinking of getting ROG G15 advantage for myself, I've never had gaming laptops so I have only used PCs which I know last for a really long time even if you heavy use them, but I'm a little concerned to drop 1.5k on a laptop, maybe it's gonna just die on its own? Maybe it's gonna burn out due heavy gaming? Can you guys give me some insight? Thanks ahead!


Level 8

i have been using GA50RW G15 for over an year now. everything is great. except my keyboard stopped working. and it is a very common issue with these laptops. asus firmware and softwares are a buggy mess. i dont know if this information helps in ur case. Laptops are amazing gaming wise... they are excellent and on par with PCs. did thousand hours with graphics heavy skyrim mods.and it just keeps working and impressing me.... but some units gets faulted in hardware or drivers and there are no solutions available....Get one sure.. but make sure u have easy approach to service centers.