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How well do ROG laptops last?

Level 7

I'm thinking of getting ROG G15 advantage for myself, I've never had gaming laptops so I have only used PCs which I know last for a really long time even if you heavy use them, but I'm a little concerned to drop 1.5k on a laptop, maybe it's gonna just die on its own? Maybe it's gonna burn out due heavy gaming? Can you guys give me some insight? Thanks ahead!


Level 8

I have had an ROG Strix G531GT (low-end) for around four years, and I know someone who just got a newer Zephyrus (mid-spec). The overall build quality is fine for both as long as you are not slamming it against the wall and take care of it properly. All of the laptops are usually pretty well designed when it comes to cooling as well. My biggest issue with buying a new laptop from them right now is the whole warranty thing going on. I hope this helps, but make sure also to do your research as well.

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