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How To Solve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Missing Problem in Asus Tuf Gaming A15/F15 Series

Level 7

Hello, my brothers and sisters, Today I will share a solution to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disappearing problem that I experienced for almost 2 years. Yeah, I know it is a really troublesome problem. I tried every method like BIOS updates, driver updates, troubleshooting, etc. But none of them worked. Also, I know that you are restarting your computer a lot of times or that you are trying forceful shutdown to solve this problem. But, anymore, you do not need those short-term solutions. Let's skip the solution. It is simple:

The problem comes from the Wi-Fi card. I noticed that the power to the wifi card is cut off from time to time. Probably, it could not be placed well while leaving the factory.

**First of all, you open the inside of the computer and remove the SSD, then you take out the WiFi card that you will see under the SSD, clean it, and insert it more tightly and nicely. **

This method solved my problem permanently; no more missing or disappearing wifi and bluetooth problems.