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How do I disable my laptop key keyboard

Level 7

I have an ASUS rog G15 G135 strix laptop. Spillage ha ssome keys spamming randomly. I habe tried using CMD sc config i8032prt disable command as well Devmanview, still it wont stop working. Disabling it from device manager also disables the external keyboard I have plugged in, plus it comes back after a restart. How do I solve this without having to disassemble my laptop.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Siyom91 ,

I'm sorry to hear about the water spill on your laptop. I would like to remind you that moisture can potentially damage internal hardware components. Even if some issues are not immediately apparent, they may lead to more severe malfunctions or performance issues in the future. Therefore, to ensure the stability of your laptop after repair, I recommend considering sending it for a detailed inspection and repair.Thank you 

I will eventually send it for repairs but right now I need to be able to use as I am writing exams, I am doing this as an immediate solution