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Help - RAID array restoration after RMA

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I'm moving this thread over to ROG Care, hopping to find some help here, fingers crossed.

My Duo16 went through a RMA after it suddenly shut down and refused to power up again. It had with 2 nvme's configured in raid 0. 

When I opened the support ticket I was told I needed to backup any data, as the laptop would be factory restored once repaired. I argued with the support agent pointing out the laptop did not power up and the disks were configured in a raid array making it difficult for me to save anything, but wasn't given any options despite asking for a specific few.

Long story short, I ended up imaging both 2Tb nvmes using macrium. Whole drive, sector by sector, no intelligent copying BS. About 2hrs per drive. 

A couple of weeks and I have it back. Drives are factory restored as I was told they would, but not forming a raid array. One has the OS partition, recovery image etc, the other is empty and labelled as 'data'. Did not give a second thought as I popped the nvme's out and into the enclosure to restore the images I had extracted. 4 hours later, pop them back in, power the thing up, it goes straight into bios, no bootable drives found.

I recall the drives were not factory restored in a raid fashion, so I search for raid settings in the BIOS. Set SATA mode from AHCI to RAID, and enter the "RAIDXpert2 config utility" in the advanced. Both drives shows as:

  • Array 1, Non-RAID, 2 TB, Normal
  • Array 2, Non-RAID, 2 TB, Normal

And here I am, I suppose next steps would be deleting the 'individual' per disk array to be able to create one that uses both disks in raid 0. If I do that I guess there will be some array information/configuration written into the disk so I'll have to reload again the whole image to each disk. But I also would need to have selected the correct stripe size, matching the factory value. Options are 64kb, 128kb, and 256kb.

Can anybody confirm the stripe size of the factory raid0 array this laptop was launched with?

Also, can anybody validate if what I'm doing to get my drives with all the information they hold back to life is correct?

Thanks in advance to everyone that chips in!!!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @AnotherRandomUs ,

Based on your description, you seem to be on the right track. However, due to the uncertainty about the stripe size of the RAID 0 array, which might have been configured when you initially set up the RAID 0 array after replacing the hard drives, we cannot confirm the relevant configuration information. Here's the process you can follow:


(1) Rebuild the RAID 0 in BIOS.
(2) Open Macrium and select the "Restore" option. You'll see a list of backup images you created previously.
(3) Choose the backup image you want to restore from the backup image list. In your case, select the backup image containing your data, then select the target location where you want to restore the data, which is your newly created RAID 0 array. Make sure you choose the correct target location to avoid accidentally overwriting existing data.
(4) Start the restoration process and wait for Macrium Reflect to complete the restore. This may take some time. After the restoration process is complete, it's advisable to verify the restored data to ensure there are no errors or corruption.

Hope these steps can guide you through the process. Thank you.

Hello Anbby_ROG, thanks a lot for your reply!

I can't do what you propose, I did not make a copy of the contents of the raid0 volume, as something burnt on the motherboard and I could no longer boot the laptop up.

The content itself could not be accessed on another computer so what I did is imaging the whole nvme disks (sector copy/cloning), so I'm guessing that to be able to restore the array successfully, first I need to configure the array on the BIOS/raid utility with the exact factory configuration that would match the images I took from the drives. Once the BIOS is set with that config, I'd pop the drivers out again to restore the images on the computer I used to save the,.

From what I can tell the only parameter relevant is the stripe block size (or Cache Tag size, those are the same concepts right?).

I could try with each of the three options (64/125/256kb) and see which one works, but as each image restoration takes about 2 hours per drive (and writing the whole drive would decrease the life-span of the SSD), first I wanted to check :

  • Is what I'm trying correct or am I missing something that would render my efforts null?
  • I've never used a raid array, the laptop came with a raid0 configuration from factory, what I was asking is the factory stripe block size from this model (Zephyrus Duo 16 2023 with 2x2Tb drives).

Had I known this would be this difficult I would not had proceeded with the RMA without the assurance from the service center that I would get my data back, even though at the time we had a lengthy discussing that ended nowhere.

So I appreciate any input / directions you or anybody can give me!