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GX650PZ-XS96 DisplayHDR driver issue, Will not certify.

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Driver certification is not working, driver needs to be fixed. I have the gx650rx also and the drivers work on that laptop no problem.  Driver is installed on my gx650pz but will not certify with the driver. The laptop does not need an RMA. All drivers are updated, bios is updated, all troubleshooting has been executed. DisplayHDR certification driver on the Asus website is the issue. Most people probably don't even realize they have this issue. I googled this issue and I'm not the only one. Even doesn't show gx650pz certified when it needs to be.

When you call ASUS all they know how to do is have the customer send in the laptop for repair. NO THAT'S NOT THE SOLUTION. Educate your service representatives. I then ask for someone who can help me with driver issues downloaded from Asus. Service representative, "I see there is a BestBuy near you that you can take it to."  no no no!! Best buy doesn't make the drivers "smacks forehead" hangs up phone.


Screenshot 2023-10-16 232210.png

gx650pz hdr certification driver.pngScreenshot 2023-10-18 110331.png

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @reddot911 ,

Regarding your question, we have already responded to you in this discussion

Additionally, may I confirm if you have tried reinstalling the displayHDR drivers to see if the issue is resolved? Thank you.

reinstalled and installed multiple times. still no go. 

Also only shows 668nits and not the 1000nits it needs to be. 

Screenshot 2023-10-18 220749.png

Thanks to Anbby_rog

My HDR certification was fixed with the new displayHDR file. We have been going back and fourth with info to see what's going on.  By far better than calling Asus on the phone, having them tell me the option is to RMA the laptop. I've been told a few times with issues I was having RMA was needed, thankfully me having knowledge with computers I know when an RMA is needed and figure out the issue myself. When calling Asus this RMA go to needs to stop. This is fact is giving Asus a bad name, which is unnecessary. You can easily see by researching. Hopefully Asus gets this RMA go to fixed and proper training is executed.

That being sad, I needed to write this because there is usually nothing but bad reviews never the good when fixed. People only take the time to write when angry, not when excited. 

Screenshot 2023-10-31 225306.png