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GPU Overheating issue on Asus ROG G15 Advantage Edition

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Hello fellow Asus ROG fans👋

I have a pretty serious gpu overheating problem. Recently I dropped off my laptop at a service center (non Asus official) due to a shutting down problem. I bought new Liquid Metal and thermal pads because I thought it was an overheating issue. After I picked up my laptop the guy at the service center told me that they changed the Liquid Metal but there was corrosion on the CPU and GPU die due to the Liquid Metal slowly “eating” away the chip dies. He also told me that my shutting down problem was caused by the SSD failing. I bought a new SSD and installed it. On a fresh windows install I downloaded Honkai Star Rail. A game I previously was able to play at max graphics settings and not shutdown. Now when I try to launch the game my gpu hotspot immediately reaches 107~110 °C (224,6~230 ℉) which is the temperature where the overheating protection shuts down the system to protect it. I tried multiple games and the results were the same. I spoke with the guy and he told me that due to the Liquid Metal “eating” the GPU it was a matter of time where my laptop’s GPU will eventually die. The real question is, is he correct about the Liquid Metal causing my GPU to die or is there too little Liquid Metal and the GPU can’t cool down properly? He says that he has put more than enough Liquid Metal, but he have never worked with Liquid Metal. The CPU is actually better than when I dropped it off. Previously the CPU was at 95~96 °C (203~204,8 ℉). 
Thanks in advance for those who spend some of their time to read and help me with my problem.


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Hi @MitkoMiroslavov 

Not a great situation. Take it back to the system integrator that applied the liquid metal and tell them they need to either refund you or reapply the thermal application correctly. Whilst LM may corrode over time leaving pitting and oxidation, it shouldn't "kill" the GPU if applied correctly.

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Thank you for your response! I will definitely talk to them and see what can be done.