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Ghosting on ROG Flow x13 - Still have the problem

Level 9

Hello everyone,

By mistake, I marked the original post as solved when IT IS NOT. I am still experiencing this issue. Please reopen the other post, or we can continue here.

The newest development is that yesterday, we connected the computer to a projector via HDMI, and it looked perfect, with no ghosting throughout the entire movie. Additionally, the movie had many dark scenes, and it looked flawless. Comparing it to how it appeared on the laptop, the amount of ghosting was tremendous and horrendous... not  in the image transmitted by the projector. This clearly indicates that the laptop screen is the issue.

Please, we need a solution. Thank you


Customer Service Agent

HI @Kalessim ,


I have responded to your private message. 

Please check your private messages and provide the relevant information for further verification. Thank you.

Good day,

This issue occurs with both GPUs. The AMD Radeon and the NVIDIA GPUs are both affected, and there is no difference in the problem when using either one.

I connected via HDMI using NVIDIA, and I also tried it with AMD, and the projection looks perfect. However, the laptop screen still displays the issue poorly. I have everything updated, including the BIOS

please we must to find a solution...