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G752vl laptop randomly freezing

Level 7

My laptop keeps randomly freezing, and I have no idea why. It randomly freezes when I open a browser, or if i am downloading something off of steam, but the freezing never happens when in game which is when i would expect it to happen the most. It is a pretty old laptop, so something could need to be fixed or repaired. When the freezing happens I have checked in event viewer it nothing whatsoever shows up. From the time of the freeze forward nothing will have happened. and then it can only be powered on by repeatedly turning it off and on and it will boot to the home screen. I'm not sure what could be wrong.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @lazynatedog ,

Since this model is an earlier version of the latop, and it is unclear whether there are any hardware abnormalities, we recommend resetting the system as a preliminary test to see if it can improve the freezing issue. 

If the freezing issue persists after resetting the system, please take your laptop to a local service center for further diagnostics. Thank you.